let's dance!

Mad Manoush: album "Train To New Orleans" 2013

album mastered by Patrik Schwitter

"NYC" original album mix

NYC_original by Mad Manoush.mp3

  "NYC" RMX radio edit by D-FRAC

oldschool soul grooves meet urban electro swing

 "NYC" RMX extended dance version by D-FRAC

an enlarged trip toward manhattan's bound 6 hunts point ave.

NYC_extended dance version_remixed by D-FRAC.mp3

Just A Hype: album "Psycho Circus" 2009

album recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Patrik Schwitter

"Gabriel The Crocodile" original album mix

"Gabriel The Crocodile" RMX by D-FRAC

monk's trance house with chamber orchestra and disto-beats. sounds weird.? it is!

Gabriel The Crocodile_remixed by D-FRAC.mp3

Lighthop: album "Kind Of Light" 2007

album recorded by Patrik Sschwitter

 "All In You" original album mix

All In You_original by Lighthop.mp3

 "All In You" RMX by D-FRAC

drum & bass inspired high energy jitter-beats with ambient landscapes

All In You_remixed by D-FRAC.mp3