• appeared on earth one day after the release of The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" album
  • grew up and still living close to Zurich / Switzerland
  • played the recorder in primary school nonetheless being still in deep love with music
  • first album release as a guitarist at the age of fifteen. vinyl of course
  • educated church organ builder
  • at the age of twenty played the fretless bass with Schildpatt on mainstage at Jazzfestival Montreux' 20th anniversary
  • professional recording, mix and mastering engineer & producer since 1987, started at Ebony Studio Switzerland
  • since 1990 running different record facilities as co-owner and chief engineer, notably the legendary Gamma Recording Studio
  • German Record Critics' Award 3/2010 for best jazz record (Steve Lacy / November)
  • more than 900 productions with international artists
  • looking forward to your remix request
  • more