is this really a vintage Gibson Explorer? YES!
rear control room
front control room

D-FRAC will

  • take your current mix
  • extract its essential FRAGments  > ex-FRAC
  • re-arrange these frags  > re-FRAC
  • add some exciting spices  > add-FRAC
  • remix all this into something new and D-elicious > D-FRAC RMX

D-FRAC delivers

  • a fresh sonic perspective to your well known songs
  • not a too hyperbolic but musically long lasting rmx 
  • remix versions that force you to dance
  • top notch sound quality
  • ready to release production files

D-FRAC needs

  • your musical preferences
  • rendered multitrack files (24bit/44.1) or a protools session
  • exact bpm
  • a bit of time...